GHSFL Individual and Team Championship Tournament Information

Individual Championship To qualify for the Individual Championship, fencers must be among the highest ranked 84 men and 84 women who have competed in at least three tournaments this season. We have fewer than 84 men and 84 women who have earned points, so everyone who has points is qualified as long as they have competed in three tournaments. I have attached a LIST of the qualifiers. The "Seed" shown in the list is the preliminary seed which is the seed the fencer will have if all the higher seeded fencers compete. The Individual Championship will be hosted by Johns Creek on 20 February. Johns Creek will contact you with details on where the tournament is and when it will start. Usually several of the qualified fencers do not compete in the Championship, so Johns Creek may ask you to confirm which of your qualified fencers will be competing. When all schools compete in the same tournament, we award points to the top 32 fencers in each event. These points count for seeding teams in the Team Championship, and for seeding the first tournament next season. Team Championship Each school can send one men's team and one women's team to the Team Championship provided they have enough "eligible" fencers to form a team (a team consists of three or four fencers). Fencers are "eligible" to be on their schools team if they have competed in at least three tournaments, they do not have to have earned points. Fencers who have not competed in three regular season tournaments cannot compete in the Individual Championship. That means we already know which fencers are eligible to compete in the Team Championships, and therefore which schools have enough eligible fencers to form a team.

Coach Lee will select who will represent Lambert in the team championships. You will be notified if you have been selected to compete.

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