Results and Standings

The attached files show the results and standings following Round 3 of the regular season.

  • "Results 2017-18 R4.pdf" contains the final results of all this season's tournaments so far.

  • "Scores 2017-18 R4 Campbell.pdf", "Scores 2017-18 R4 Dunwoody.pdf", "Scores 2017-18 R4 Pinecrest.pdf" contain the scores of all bouts as well as seeding and final places for each of this weekend's tournaments.

  • "Standings 2017-18 R4.pdf" contains the Team Standings (based on all points earned by each team) and Individual Standings (based on the points earned by each fencer).

  • "Fencers by School 2017-18 R4.pdf" contains an alphabetical list of fencers at each school. For each fencer it shows grade, league ranking, points earned, number of events they have competed in as well as where they placed in each tournament.

  • The following Lambert fencers earned points: Anushka Kadam, Edward Liu, Joshua Marston, Aidan McBain, Joshua Nagano, Nathan Yim Congratulations!

Championship reminders

Eligible fencers

Fencers are "eligible" to compete in the Championships if they have competed in four regular season tournaments in the current season. This is a minimum requirement to compete in either Championship.

Individual Championship

The Individual Championship is limited to 84 men and 84 women. Of the “eligible” fencers who have earned points, the 84 who are highest on the points list (including ties for 84th place) qualify for the Individual Championship.

Team Championship

The Team Championship is limited to 24 men’s teams and 24 women’s teams. In order to compete, the school must have enough “eligible” fencers (at least three) to form a team. Of those teams, the 24 that are highest on the points list qualify for the Team Championship.

Round 5 is this Saturday December 2, 2017, we will be competing at Northview High School.

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